The Brilliance and Beauty of Crystal Jewelry

April 27th, 2014

In 1895, Daniel Swarovski I, a Bohemian inventor and visionary invented a machine for cutting and polishing crystal jewelry stones. Swarovski has grown to be the world’s leading producer of precision-cut crystal.

Before that time, the use of crystals has a long documented history and has been present in practically every culture and religious tradition.

The healing uses of crystals are documented as far back as 1500 B.C. in the Egyptian culture.

The ancient Egyptians believed in the healing and protective power of crystals. Many pharaohs wore crystals on their headdresses and many crystal amulets have been found in their tombs. The pharaohs wore masks lined with crystals which they believed that crystals helped to make them more powerful rulers. Many pieces of crystals were found in King Tut’s tomb and Amazonite (in the family of crystal) was one of the stones on his famous gold mask.

Crystals are referred to over 200 times in the Bible.

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The Bright Finish of Crystal Jewelry

April 23rd, 2014

Crystal jewelry, made from the precious stone known as quartz has become an important part of the adornment especially for women. Many designers go for this particular gemstone because of its many uses and malleability to cutting. Due to its bright natural formation, crystal jewelry is used in different occasions including weddings, glamorous functions and classy circles. Even though it appears captivating without further embellishment, the real allure of this piece of adornment lies in the finish.

The makers of crystal jewelry go for color because it determines where the item of beauty will be used in. For example, the piece can reflect light at almost any setting in its natural state. That is why dark hues are used as finishes for wearers going to bright settings in order to bring out the contrast. Similarly, darker settings including twilight require very brilliant pieces that can be seen from afar. There is a range of colors that can be touched on these items to suit the temperament of the user. These are outsourced from across the whole of color spectrum to give multiple effects.

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Make Your Own Crystal Jewelry

April 16th, 2014

The price range of crystal jewelry may vary from place to place and the type of crystals used in the jewelry. You can also use the crystals to make a pattern on your dress, and this will make your dress stand out from the rest. You can also make simple jewelry of crystals on your own. This will be a pass-time and the end result may surprise many.

In order to make your own crystal jewelry you need to keep in mind the things you require. First of all, you will need pliers and cutters. The pliers and cutters are available in different styles depending upon their functionality. A professional crystal jewelry maker will have a big toolbox loaded with different types of pliers and cutters. Since you are a beginner in this domain, you will need a couple of basic ones for you to start. Examples of basic pliers and cutters are the round nose pliers, the flat nose pliers and the wire cutter.

You will also need the crystal beads, thin wires, clasps, designing board and bead organizer. Crimping tools are also used to tighter the clasps in your crystal jewelry. You can buy a simple jewelry making kit and it may cost you less than buying all these items separately. The good part is that such kits come with a jewelry making guide that can help you in every step.

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